Monday, July 6, 2009

The Types of Pandora Jewelry Products

Pandora's unique patented bracelets, beads and matching accessories are all handmade of sterling silver and 14Kt gold. Many Pandora Jewelry pieces are handcrafted with colorful precious stones and cultured pearls.

These are among the main types of Pandora Jewelry collection that are available in stores worldwide.

Beads / Charms

Sterling Silver Beads
Sterling Silver with 14Kt Gold Beads
Sterling Silver Beads with Gems
Sterling Silver Beads with Enamel
Sterling Silver Alphabet Beads
Sterling Silver Birthstone Beads
Sterling Silver/14Kt Gold Alphabet Beads
14Kt Gold Beads
Murano Glass with Sterling Silver Beads
Murano Glass with 14Kt Gold Beads

Clips, Spacers & Safety Chains

Sterling Silver Spacers
Sterling Silver Spacers with Gems
14Kt Gold Spacers
Safety Chains

Mix and Match Earrings - Brand New!

Sterling Silver Earring Posts
Sterling Silver Earring Charms
14Kt Gold Earring Posts
14Kt Gold Earring Charms


Pandora Clasp Opener
Pandora Jewelry Box
Pandora Key Chains


Sterling Silver Bracelets (all sizes)
14Kt Gold Bracelets (all sizes)
Oxidized Silver Bracelets (all sizes)
6.3" Bracelets (all types)
6.7" Bracelets (all types)
7.1" Bracelets (all types)
7.5" Bracelets (all types)
7.9" Bracelets (all types)
8.3" Bracelets (all types)
9.1" Bracelets (all types)


Leather Necklaces (all sizes)
Sterling Silver Necklaces (all sizes)
14Kt Gold Necklaces (all sizes)
Oxidized Silver Necklaces (all sizes)
Adjustable Necklaces (all types)
15.8" Necklaces (all types)
16.6" Necklaces (all types)
17.8" Necklaces (all types)
19.7" Necklaces (all types)

Match Jewelry

Match Necklaces
Match Earrings
Match Rings
25th Anniversary Collection

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